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Pool Cage: An Overview Of Different Pool Cages And Their Brief Benefits

Pool Cage

Selecting the right swimming pool cage for your home can be challenging because there are many styles and options available. It is essential to make the right decision in Florida because of the high humidity and salt content (especially if you live near the coast). It would help if you constructed an enclosure to protect your pool from debris, bugs, and alligators. In this article, you will learn about different types of pool cages, pool cage benefits, and what to consider before installing pool cages.

Types of the pool cage

In this article section, you will learn about different types of pool cages.

Story pool cage

A two-story pool enclosure can extend the living space of your outdoor living area by incorporating the second level of your home. Two-story enclosures also appear spacious because of their height.

Cage for extreme views in the pool

An extreme view enclosure may be an excellent choice for people who want to enclose their pool but do not want to obstruct their beautiful backyard. An extreme view enclosure may be an excellent choice for people who want to enclose their pool but do not want to obstruct their beautiful backyard. You are usually blocked from seeing the water by vertical support posts in a pool enclosure every few feet. By eliminating the need for vertical posts, we create an unobstructed view of your gorgeous backyard up to 54 feet wide.

Pool cage with mansard roof design

In addition to its flat surface and angled edges, this pool cage design is unique. It is common for the angle formed to be greater than 90 degrees. This intricate design is not used very often because of its complexity. In perfectly symmetrically, mansard roofs feature a flat top with gently sloping sides.

To slide the pool cage downwards, sections of that cage can have any geometric shape, including rectangles, squares, and triangles. The construction of a pool cage will be determined by the creativity of your pool cage expert.

Pool cage with hip roof design

Four sides make up this screen pool enclosure. There is an angle between the four sides of the enclosure. Those who live in windy or stormy areas will appreciate them. As a result of the slant of the roof, dirt can easily slide off, and no water will remain on the roof.

Pool cage for slope roof

In terms of design, it is not particularly appealing. Sloped roofs are famous for their practicality. As a result of the sloped roof, rainwater drains quickly.

Pool cage with two levels

An option is more luxurious if you intend to include a second-story deck or high diving board in the enclosure. In many cases, a two-story enclosure consists of glass. It covers parts of the house, making it possible to enjoy the pool at any time of the year.

Inflatable pool cage

These inflatable enclosures resemble air domes or bubbles, often used for tennis courts and playing fields. 

The pneumatic structure of an inflatable pool enclosure consists of tear-resistant vinyl coated over a fabric base. The enclosure is anchored to the ground using steel cables. A motorized blower system maintains the atmospheric pressure inside and outside, ultimately responsible for its stability. 

Due to their cost and the fact that they need to be deflated during high winds, inflatable enclosures are mainly used in warm, non-windy climates.

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Standard screen rooms pool cage

Although it does not necessarily extend the swimming season, mesh screens are the least expensive option. Additionally, it will prevent debris, insects, or other unwanted objects from entering the swimming pool.

What to consider before deciding on a pool enclosure?

If you take some time and do some research, you will be able to choose the perfect pool enclosure for your home. Below are a few tips to make selecting a pool enclosure as easy as possible.

Analyze the area

Think about how the enclosed area might affect your current space and the area you wish to enclose. For example, relocation or removal of plants and yard decorations may be necessary. As well as new landscaping, you may be able to enhance the property with some improvements.In addition, you will better understand what type of enclosure will fit well in your environment.

Extreme view allows you to maintain your beautiful view. 

Have concerns about a pool enclosure blocking your spectacular view? We offer the Extreme View enclosure to frame the beauty of your backyard. The Extreme View frames are designed with heavy-duty aluminum plate gussets and internal connectors to provide exceptional strength and eliminate the need for vertical support posts.

The pool enclosure’s framing, screen, and roof should be made from quality materials. To ensure the structural integrity of our enclosures, Patio Enclosures uses heavy-duty aluminum frames that are non-corrosive. A seamless appearance is also achieved through internal anchors and hardware. Due to the Florida coast’s humid and salty climate, our fasteners are made using anti-corrosive materials.

Make sure you are prepared for some maintenance. 

Regularly inspecting your enclosure’s screens and fasteners will ensure that it remains in top shape. Whenever there is an issue with your enclosure, Patio Enclosures has experienced it. Our technicians are available to assist you. We also offer a one-year limited warranty to ensure no manufacturing defects or installation problems.

Consult experts

If you decide to add an enclosure to your home, it is essential to work with trusted professionals. Patio Enclosures’ master installers undergo extensive training to ensure they are highly knowledgeable regarding our products and how to install them.

Pool cage benefits

Your property will benefit from adding a pool enclosure in the following ways.

Aesthetics and Value

You can choose from various pool enclosure designs when searching for one that matches your home’s style. A beautiful glass enclosure can enhance your yard’s aesthetics and increase your property’s value. Investing in a pool enclosure may increase the value of your property if you are planning on selling shortly.


It is possible to have some privacy while using a pool enclosure. Hang drawstring curtains or horizontal blinds on the windows of your enclosure if it is made of glass to keep neighbors from peeping through.

In suburban areas, stained glass is commonly used as a pool enclosure material. The added privacy makes swimming a much more enjoyable experience, in my opinion.


Is a pool cage intended to serve any particular purpose?

It is essential to ensure that your pool enclosure prevents leaves, sticks, trash, bugs, and other unwanted debris from blowing or falling into it. If you have young children or pets, a pool enclosure can be a great way to enhance their safety while enjoying your outdoor patio and swimming pool

Is it expensive to install a cage around a swimming pool?

Generally, a pool enclosure costs from $6,333 to $19,666 (or $9 to $122 per square foot). There is an average cost of $61,033 for high-end pool enclosure projects. An enclosure for a swimming pool that costs less than $2,233 is considered low-end.