Home Fashion A Comprehensive Guide About Ankara Styles For Men With 10 Latest Styles

A Comprehensive Guide About Ankara Styles For Men With 10 Latest Styles

Ankara Styles For Men

What is Ankara style means?

There are several names for Ankara prints, including African wax print and Dutch wax print. Fabrics are dyed in vibrant colors and decorated with colorful patterns made from cotton. African culture can be seen in these fabrics, most commonly used in clothing in Africa and West Africa. Inspiration for the printing method comes from Batik. In the market, Ankara styles for men and women are available. The purpose of this article is to provide detailed information on the Ankara styles for men.

The production process

An essential aspect of Batik is that it involves dyeing cloth in a wax-resistant manner. Originally from Indonesia, this technique has been used for centuries. This technique involves applying wax in patterns to the fabric. It is applied by hand by making dots and other shapes or stamping or using patterned blocks. The applied color after the wax does not affect it as it is dye resistant. After the wax has been removed, hot water is used to remove it.

A brief history

Before the Dutch introduced Batik to the colonial era, Africa had been using it to embalm mummies (among other uses). Due to the Dutch efforts to replicate the wax printing process, wax prints became increasingly popular in Africa. As far as Europe is concerned, their efforts failed.


Considering that African women use these prints as a non-verbal means of communication, one can understand their significance. Different patterns are named after cities, people, sayings, and so forth, and each pattern conveys a different message.

Prints in imitation of wax

In contrast to Batik, these prints are digitally printed; they are also known as African Fancy Prints. In comparison to imported prints, these digital imitations are more affordable.

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Top 10 latest Ankara styles for men

A variety of Ankara styles for men will be discussed in this section.

1.     Funky Ankara Jackets

It is possible to spice up a casual outfit by wearing an Ankara jacket. Compared to a complete Ankara outfit, it is subtle and not over-the-top. The prominent placement of the design is evident, and the design itself is not shabby. This one stands out for its distinctiveness among the various prints on show.

2.     Two-piece Ankara styles for men

Men most commonly wear Ankara in this style. Most commonly, this fabric is used to construct trousers, shorts, and shirts. Suitable for traditional occasions, professional settings, and religious gatherings, they are ideal for various occasions. Tight or loose-fitted shirts can be worn with your two-piece, depending on the look you want to achieve.

3.     Full Ankara long sleeve shirt 

For those who do not require something too fancy, a long sleeve-full Ankara shirt will meet your needs. The material is still the same from top to bottom as the other two options. 

4.     Ankara from top to bottom

Experimenting fashion enthusiasts should look into Ankara suits. To better understand how to pull off these looks, you may wish to review the Instagram accounts of African designers. In addition to being classy, these suits are also formal in appearance. You can purchase an Ankara blazer or get pants and a blazer in Ankara prints. Classic boat shoes will complement these marvelous suits.

5.     Bottoms Ankara styles for men

This fabric can also be used to sew trousers or shorts and worn with a shirt, polo or t-shirt. Ankara bottoms provide you with the same versatility as their top counterparts. This means that you can create any look with it, whether casual, business casual, smart casual, or formal.

6.     Mandarin collar with short sleeves 

In contrast to the somewhat conventional round-neck shirt, the Mandarin collar adds some flair. This collar has a narrow opening at the top of the collar that extends a few inches toward the chest. Alternatively, you may choose not to have buttons on yours.

7.     Lively Ankara pants for men

Here’s another street style you can try. Take a stroll along the side-walk wearing this simple, crisp shirt paired with vibrant Ankara pants, and you’re sure to set the neighborhood on fire. Your sunglasses and shoes should complement your outfit, so ensure they’re equally fresh. It is equally formal as casual, yet it is highly fashion-forward for both. Fashion is an integral part of African culture.

8.     Infused with Ankara

It is typically done with Afro-urban clothing or when your fabric does not meet the requirements. You can achieve this by securing a piece of Ankara to the strategic points of your shirts, tees, or bottoms. There is a possibility that it will be located on the pocket, the neckline, or the chest area. It allows you to experiment with patterns since you can create shapes of different types from them.

9.     Halves with similar characteristics

A different half design is the opposite of a different half design. If simplicity is more important than sophistication, you will appreciate the similar halves jacket. By making the jacket from one piece of material, the jacket achieves the desired look. When the zipper is open, both halves of the jacket are the same.

10. Shirt with a Kurta-like design made of crisp Ankara

You’re going to love your next mehndi outfit! The colors and patterns of this shirt reflect the craziness that occurs during mehndi events. You can incorporate African fashion into your desi functions now that Desi people always wear crazy flashy attire at weddings.


Here is all the information you should know about Ankara styles for men. You can try these Ankara styles for any function. Everybody likes these Ankara styles for men.


Is there a way to style Ankara clothing for men in West Africa?

There are several native Ankara styles for males in West Africa, including the agbada. In Nigeria and Ghana, the shirt-like garment has become a fashion industry staple. Your agbada and trousers can be matched to create a suit. Choose materials with neutral colors and muted patterns if you want the best look.

Ankara tunics come in a variety of styles. What are they?

You will love many Ankara native styles when you see them. A new trend exists for men: Ankara tunics and shorts. The suitable Ankara fabric and designer will ensure that you are the talk of the town wherever you go. The Ankara tunic blends well with shorts, although it may initially seem strange.