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How Tall Was Freddie Mercury? His Early Life, Career, And Other Facts Unfold

How Tall Was Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury is a British nationalist; by profession, he is a famous rock singer and a splendid songwriter. Originally belong from Zanzibar (Currently part of Tanzania). The main reason for his versatile fame is that he formed and remained the main vocalist of a famous rock band called “Queen.” Freddie Mercury died in 1991, but still, many people follow him and admire that Freddie Mercury is one of the greatest rock singers. His followers also wanted to know more about his favorite personality, Freddie Mercury’s height, and how he spent his early life, career, personal life, and other things.

Freddie Mercury is famously known for following things.

  • Flamboyant stage persona
  • Four-octave vocal range
  • Unique theatrical style
  • Lead his band “Queen” from the front.

Many other reasons are also available for his fame, which will be discussed later. In this article, you will learn all the information about Freddie Mercury. So, without wasting further time, let’s explore your favorite personality.

Early life and education of Freddie Mercury

The real name of Freddie Mercury was “Farrokh Bulsara” he belonged to the famous Parisian Bulsara family. The date of birth of Freddie Mercury was 5th September 1964. The place of birth of Freddie Mercury was Stone town, which was part of the famous Sultanate of Zanzibar. After getting independence from the British colonial government, Zanzibar became part of Tanzania.

The parents of Freddie Mercury are migrants who migrated from India to Zanzibar. Freddie’s father is Bomi Bulsara, who died in 2003 (1908-2003), and his mother’s name is Jer Bulsara, who died in 2017 (1992-2017). By profession, Freddie Mercury’s father was a clerk who worked for the British government in Zanzibar.

Freddie Mercury spent most of his early life days in Panchgani, a city in Maharashtra state, India. When Freddie Mercury was only seven years old, he started taking an interest in music, so he was sent to learn Piano. Freddie Mercury started getting formal education by joining “St. Peter’s School.” St. Peter’s is a boarding school which is situated near Bombay. Freddie Mercury made his band named “Hectics” during his early education when he was only eight.

After completing his education at St. Peter’s School, Freddie went to St. Mary’s School to get further education; St. Mary’s is situated in Mumbai.

After that, Freddie and his family migrated to Middlesex, England; in 1964, Freddie Mercury continued his education by attending “Isleworth Polytechnic College.” He shortly got his education from this college and then got admission to “Ealing Art College” from which he graduated with the “Diploma of Art and Graphic Design.” Freddie got this diploma in 1969.

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Personal life of Freddie Mercury

The personal life of Freddie Mercury is also very unique. Freddie has belonged to so many people during his whole life. The first relationship that Freddie made was with Mary Austin. At the time of this relationship, Mary Austin was 19 years old, and Freddie was 23. They entered a relationship in 1979, and their romantic life ended in 1976; after 1976, both lived as good friends only. The main reason for the end of Freddie and Mary’s romantic relationship is an affair. In 1976 Freddie told Mary that he was interested in David Mins, a “Record Executive” at “Electra Records.” After the relationship with David Mins, he starts his new romantic life with Winfried Kirchberger, a German by nationality and a “Restaurateur” by profession.

They stayed together for a while; after that, Freddie Mercury started his relationship with Jim Hutton. Jim Hutton was a hairdresser by his profession. Freddie Mercury believes that Jim Hutton is his husband. Freddie and Hutton started their romantic relationship in 1985, which ended with the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991

How tall was Freddie Mercury? And what was the weight and age of Freddie Mercury when he died?

Freddie Mercury, a famous singer, and songwriter, is a tall man with a height of 5 feet and 9 inches. He died due to AIDS in 1991 at only 45 years only. When Mercury died, his weight was 75 kilograms.


Freddie Mercury started gaining knowledge from a very early age. He started his music career when he was just eight years old. At this age, he formed a band with his friends named “Hectics.” After the formation of this band, Freddie Mercury mainly focuses on his education. After graduation, Mercury starts working as an “old cloth seller” in Kensington Market.

Freddie met with Roger Taylor in the Kensington market, who later became “Drummer” in Freddie’s band named “Queen.” Freddie Mercury worked with a lot of different brands. The list of these bands is as under.

  • Ibex
  • Sour Milk Tea
  • Smile (As lead vocalist)

Freddie Mercury worked as lead vocalist in the band “Smile” till 1971. In 1971 “Smile” band included “Bassist Jhon Deacon” as their lead vocalist. After this, Freddie Mercury decided to make his band named “Queen.”

Freddie Mercury released fourteen studio albums while working in his band “Queen.” The name and release dates of these songs are mentioned below.

  • Queen II                               1972
  • Sheer Heart Attack          1974
  • News of the World          1977

Alongside releasing albums under the umbrella of “Queen,” Freddie Mercury also worked and released a solo album; a list of his famous solo albums is as under.

  • Mr. Bad Guy                       1985
  • Barcelona                            1988


Farrokh Bulsara, a.k.a. Freddie Mercury, is a famous British songwriter and singer. Original belongs to India, settled in the UK, and made a lot of names in the music industry by giving super duper hit songs. Freddie Mercury belongs to so many males and one female throughout his life. This article answers many questions about your favorite personality, including “How tall was Freddie Mercury?’. You also get a brief introduction to the career of Freddie Mercury. Freddie Mercury’s career ended when he died in 1991.


Are there any autobiographies about Freddie Mercury?

As well as being known for his wild and flamboyant performances, Freddie Mercury was also shy and sweet in private. A new biography of Freddie Mercury titled Freddie Mercury: A Life, In His Own Words, reveals how normal and sweet he was during his lifetime.

What were the last words spoken by Freddie Mercury?

According to Peter Freestone, Freddie’s long-term assistant, the last words he ever spoke to him were: “Thank you.”